quintly’s response to climate change

Being aware of the climate crisis and seeing climate action as their responsibility, quintly wants to make sure that they are doing their bit to reduce carbon emissions.

That's why the company decided to start with offsetting 150 tonnes of carbon emissions for the year 2019. They did a rough estimation of their carbon emissions across the company and then added an extra safety margin.

Being aware that carbon offsets should be used as a last resort, they will also reduce their emissions with keeping business trips to a minimum which means focussing on trips that are important. 

Moving to their new office at WeWork in Cologne, they are content to have rented an office within a company that is planning to go fully carbon neutral by 2023.

Their effort will be a mixture of reducing, eliminating and offsetting emissions.

“Climate change and the resulting rise in temperature is one of the biggest challenges we are facing as a society. Therefore it’s key that companies do their part and help set the base for a future worth living in. At quintly, we want to do everything we can to help and motivate others to join in similar initiatives.” 

comments Alexander Peiniger, CEO and co founder of quintly

The decision to offset their carbon footprint with Cool Effect

Doing research on possible ways to offset their carbon footprint, quintly decided to do it through Cool Effect.

Cool Effect offers a wide variety of projects that are reducing carbon emissions. One can donate to them and thus offset the carbon footprint they have already made.

Their projects are scientifically and financially strong and ethically sound, plus the reduction in carbon emissions would not have happened under any other circumstances. 

The organisation gives 90% of each donated dollar directly to the chosen project.

The Los Santos Wind Power Project

This is what the project they choose to donate to is called. It is building windmills in Los Santos, which is one of Costa Rica’s windiest regions and generates energy that provides electricity to 50,000 people and saves 11,000 tonnes of carbon emissions each year. 

This means that it reduces both greenhouse gas emissions and the country’s reliance on fossil fuels. And this, in turn, benefits the local economy by adding jobs and boosting education.

The reason for this project as their choice is because quintly thinks it’s great that fossil energy sources are replaced directly - plus it helps the local community.

If you are interested, find out more about this specific project or get an overview of all projects Cool Effect supports.

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About quintly

quintly is a web-based social media analytics tool that helps users track and benchmark their social media performance against their competitors, empowering clients to take better data-based decisions and optimize their social media strategy.

quintly was founded in the small town of Ennepetal, Germany in early 2011 by the brothers Alexander and Frederik Peiniger and is now headquartered in Cologne, Germany since 2012. Having started off as a small team under the name “AllFacebook Stats” it was renamed later on to “quintly” as more and more networks have been integrated. quintly's clients can track Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube and Pinterest.

The company now employs 25 people in Germany, the US and Mexico, has users in 183 countries and serves paying clients in over 60 countries. After three years in business, quintly expanded internationally in 2014 and has established its US corporation as well as a sales office in Mexico with its headquarters remaining in Cologne. Besides providing an advanced analytics tool, quintly's international team also shares its expertise through publishing in-depth studies and social media data analyses regularly.

To find more information about the story behind quintly, please visit https://www.quintly.com/about.