Instagram Study Analyzes 9 Million Posts

quintly reveals insights which content performs best on Instagram

Main findings: Videos receive 21% more interactions than images; Lengthy descriptions perform worse than short posts; Posts on weekends outperform weekday posts.

Since 2015 the social media analytics provider quintly has regularly published network-specific studies delivering practical conclusions for marketers. Now the Germany-based company just released their most comprehensive report to date, analyzing 9 million posts and presenting surprising results.

Starting off with one of the most interesting findings, quintly shares on their blog that images perform worse than videos. Video posts lead to 21% higher interactions than images. Carousels still perform better, with a 2% higher interaction than image posts. Also, quintly had a look at the length of posts and found that despite the fact Instagram is made for rather quick entertainment, a majority of the posts are longer than 300 characters. However, using many words, does not lead to higher interactions, rather on the contrary.

“When we internally discussed the results the first time I was surprised, too. Videos outperform images by far and carousels still tend to perform better. These insights – among other findings from our study – are crucial for Instagram marketers!

comments quintly’s Marketing Lead Julian Gottke 

Many more aspects such as the effectiveness of hashtags, emojis and which weekdays perform best on average are analyzed in the free study. In case companies want to see the results specifically for their own channels, quintly offers a free trial.

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Download PDF
About quintly

quintly is a web-based social media analytics tool that helps users track and benchmark their social media performance against their competitors, empowering clients to take better data-based decisions and optimize their social media strategy.

quintly was founded in the small town of Ennepetal, Germany in early 2011 by the brothers Alexander and Frederik Peiniger and is now headquartered in Cologne, Germany since 2012. Having started off as a small team under the name “AllFacebook Stats” it was renamed later on to “quintly” as more and more networks have been integrated. quintly's clients can track Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube and Pinterest.

The company now employs 25 people in Germany, the US and Mexico, has users in 183 countries and serves paying clients in over 60 countries. After three years in business, quintly expanded internationally in 2014 and has established its US corporation as well as a sales office in Mexico with its headquarters remaining in Cologne. Besides providing an advanced analytics tool, quintly's international team also shares its expertise through publishing in-depth studies and social media data analyses regularly.

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