Study shows, Facebook Reactions are being used more - significantly more!

quintly reveals insights on how Facebook users are willing to share their emotions.

Main findings: “New” Reactions now make 13% of all Interactions; Love’s down but laughter’s up; Mexico is the most emotional country.

Social media analytics provider quintly just published their follow-up study that looks into the usage of Facebook Reactions. Therefore the Germany-based company analyzed 44 million posts in the time period of January 1 - April 30 2018. The study provides the reader with deep insights on how Facebook users are willing to share emotions by reacting on content.   

The first notable change is a 422% increase of New Facebook Reaction usage since April 2016. After a steep increase within the first months launching the feature, people kept adapting to it. As a result, the distinctive “like” button seems to become less important.

“Despite recent data scandals, our study shows that Facebook users still openly share their emotions. Investigating further, we could uncover that people from specific countries tend to react very differently, providing relevant insights into how to create content for various international audiences.” 

comments Digital Marketing Manager Tilo Kmieckowiack 

quintly found in their second reaction study, published in Sept 2016, that “love” was predominately used. Looking now at the usage, we see a change and “haha” head to head with love.

The study also shows significant differences in how users from individual countries around the world react. Mexicans, for example, use the new reactions more often than any other country. As well as that, quintly was able to reveal how events can influence the behavior in countries like South Korea. Cat content, of course, beats everything!

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quintly was founded in the small town of Ennepetal, Germany in early 2011 by the brothers Alexander and Frederik Peiniger and is now headquartered in Cologne, Germany since 2012. Having started off as a small team under the name “AllFacebook Stats” it was renamed later on to “quintly” as more and more networks have been integrated. quintly's clients can track Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube and Pinterest.

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