quintly releases Social Media Benchmarking Study Q2 2015

Instagram outperforms Facebook and Twitter, again

Major Findings: Links and Photos among the most popular post types on Facebook; Highest interaction on photo posts; On average one post achieves 5 likes on Facebook, 23 on Instagram; Average tweet frequency too low 

A new study that exposes the value of Facebook, Instagram and Twitter for businesses, has just been published by the social media analytics provider quintly. To revealing actionable insights and make it applicable for every marketer, the study is clustered into different sized groups of profiles. Thus the reader is able to compare their own performance to the average, as well as identify important stats related to their own business. 

“With this study we give an overview on posting patterns of a huge number of brands in the market. These insights can be of great benefit for marketers when interpreted correctly”, comments CEO and Co-Founder Alexander Peiniger. Comparable metrics are visualized in an infographic and the study itself shows network-specific metrics. With this approach quintly educates the reader, by showing differences and similarities on a general and more detailed metric level.

Furthermore, quintly points out the main takeaways of each metric such as photo posts receiving the highest amount of interactions. Through this, the reader is able to adjust their own strategy and improve own posting patterns. Due to the reason that companies are spending increasingly high financial resources in the social web, the data delivered can help digital marketers to back up their decisions.

Download PDF
Download PDF
About quintly

quintly is a web-based social media analytics tool that helps users track and benchmark their performance against their competitors’. In this way customers can steadily optimize their social media strategy.

quintly was founded in Ennepetal, Germany in early 2011 by the brothers Alexander and Frederik Peiniger and is headquartered in Cologne, Germany now since 2012. Having started off as a duo with the name “AllFacebook Stats” it was renamed later on to “quintly” as more and more networks have been integrated. Now, quintlys’ clients are able to track Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Google+, LinkedIn, Instagram and blogs through RSS feeds. The company now employs 25 people in Germany, Brazil and the US, has users in 183 countries and serves paying clients in 60 countries. After three years in business, last year quintly expanded internationally and has established its US corporation as well as a sales office in Brazil with its headquarters remaining in Cologne. With an international team quintly strives to share their analytics expertise with their clients and through excellent service help them excel in their social media strategies.